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Variety Of Music Entertainment!

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♦Custom Music Entertainment!

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"I can help handle the music for your wedding ceremony, cocktail and dinner music and of course great non-stop dance music for your big party!!"

                           ~ Dan Warren


A wedding reception is a once in a lifetime event. It‘s important to get an experienced professional disc jockey to host the music and dancing portion of your reception. It’s more than just playing songs; it’s picking the right song at the right time to make the party a success. It’s also important to have a person who can work with the other professionals at your party to assure all of the events are happening at the proper time.  You will also want a disc jockey that can be a professional when it comes to speaking on the microphone. There is nothing worse than a disc jockey that is either hard to understand or is way “over the top” and carries on much more than he has to!  Dan Warren will use the experience and knowledge he has gained in providing entertainment to hundreds of weddings to make your reception a fun and classy party!  Dan will help you plan your reception and be in contact with you throughout the process. He’ll provide you with wedding planning information for you to complete and return to him. He will consult with you before your wedding day to make sure everything about your reception has been discussed.  Dan Warren will work with you to make sure the music at your reception will be “just right”. A perfect mix of fun songs all of your guests will enjoy!  Click here to find out if Dan is available on your date.
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