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  • Picking a disc jockey for your wedding has got to be nerve racking! 

  • How do you know who to choose?

  • What happens if the company you pick sends someone inexperienced to provide music for your once in a lifetime event?


The biggest mistake brides and grooms make when choosing a disc jockey for their wedding is to get caught up in the hype of a flashy web site or colorful brochure.  The only way to make sure you are going to have great entertainment at your wedding reception is to talk directly with the disc jockey that will be there that day.  More importantly talk with others who have had that disc jockey provide the entertainment at their reception. Past customers will be more than willing to share the good and the bad! 


You can also get valuable information from wedding professionals such as photographers, wedding planners, caterers and venue owners/managers. These folks get the opportunity to see many disc jockeys over the years and are happy to share their opinions!

Picking A DJ

Thank You!

"Much thanks to you for making our reception so fun!  We had a GREAT time, & we were very pleased with the entertainment.  We had a few wallflowers there, but they're still commenting on what a fantastic job you did, & how they wish more receptions were like ours! 

                               ~ Jenifer & Charlie Williams

"You are so great at what you do.  Our wedding was so fun.  I loved it that so many people were dancing and having a wonderful time!  The music & the DJ makes a huge difference at the reception."

                                    ~ Brian & Gayle Pitts


"You really helped set the tone & helped make our reception the giant party Mark & I wanted it to be.  I received TONS of compliments on how great the music was!  We will certainly recommend you to anyone we know who needs a DJ!    ~ The Chimera's

"Thank you for being a part of our wedding day.  We were so pleased with your hard work and really enjoyed all of the music.  We were happy with the variety of songs you played and everyone had such a good time!                  

                              ~ Anthony & Kate Cusimano

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